Why should I use your services?
Finders Media is a no nonsense, innovative solutions company. We're interested in helping you grow your business with our creative and technical expertise.

Is your service expensive?
Finders Media has very competitive price points for its business. We can work around budgets of any size. We like to be transparent and make sure our clients know what they are spending money on and how far along the development process we are at.

What is your development/design process?
When a client approaches us about a project the first thing that we do is listen. We want to hear what the client has in mind for their projects so that we can really understand their needs. After going through the clients requirements, we then draw up wireframes based on this information and get feedback. We go through several revisions in this process until both the client and Finders Media feel confident about the wireframes and the initial mock ups. Once we get an the initial client approval, we start bringing to life the wireframes and mockups by adding details, textures, and visuals. At the very same time, we are also adding code and functionality to our project. We go through several rounds of revisions, feedback, and testing until once again both the client and Finders Media feel confident about the final product. It is only end that we release the final product for use by our clients.                              

How much does it cost to get started?
Typically we ask for a 1/3 of the project budget as an upfront cost. 1/3 once the beta version of the solution is completed and the last 1/3 once the project is completed.

Do we get support once the solution is completed?
For all projects completed, we provide one month of free support and will provide patches to bug fixes as they are encountered.

Why don't I just use a 3rd party solution?
Typically there are always 3rd party solutions for any business problem. However we feel that sometimes it is better to have something personally created that is best suited for a client's needs. A lot of times software that is off the shelf ends up being very confusing for a client, because often-times their claims in having every bell and whistle functionality ends up filling up the screen with useless information or user interfaces that the client may not need. Having something created for a specific purpose eliminates those headaches.

How do I get started?
Call us at at 818-415-6765 or contact us at info@findersmedia.com.

Thank you for taking the time to go through our site and find out more information about us. If you think you have a question that should go in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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