Eaudience is our proprietary, automated web-based email marketing application. Our user-friendly system gives clients the capability to send millions of emails in a matter of minutes. Eaudience allows for rich templates that are easy to manipulate, unlimited sub accounts, easy import/export features, detailed market reporting and a 100% guaranteed delivery rate to large email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, MSN, and Hotmail. Witness your email open rate skyrocket with Eaudience.                                

With Eaudience you can:
  • Send email campaigns quickly with no programming experience
  • Create, manage, and update email list contacts
  • Track the results of your campaigns in real-time (Opens, Clicks, Conversions)
  • Cultivate your relations with clients/customers by keeping them up to date with your current business offerings
  • Deliver large amounts of emails per second
  • Maximize email campaign results based on the data and feedback you receive

In Addition, as an Email Marketing Service, Finders Media Will:
  • Keep up to date with the latest trends and offerings for email marketing
  • Maintain relationships with major ISP's to resolve issues
  • Smart bounce management and complaint resolution
  • Comply with the latest ANTI-SPAM legislation

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